Xbox Game Pass will get instant access to games. Microsoft is working on an interesting option

Microsoft is committed to improving Xbox Game Pass and isn’t limited to adding new games. One of the interesting options will be immediate access to the product.

One of the players raised the topic of using the cloud in Xbox Game Pass on consoles and PCs so that users can launch the game without downloading it and check how interesting it is. This works on mobile devices where no download is required. In the case of Xbox and personal computers, you must download the entire product.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer responded to the message, confirming that such a feature is on “a long list of cool stuff.”

“We want console and PC gamers to be able to view [игры] as easy as it is on mobile, this is a nice feature of Game Pass. “

Xbox Game Pass currently has 385 games and the list continues to grow. Some games take a long time to complete and space on the console, so this option would be a great solution.

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