Xbox Exclusive Starfield: “It’s just amazing.” Todd Howard praises partnership with Microsoft

news for project teams. The creators don’t have to develop an additional version and at the same time get help from the Redmond giant.

The director and executive producer of Bethesda Game Studios was a guest Podcasts by Lex Fridman and did not hide it For him, exclusivity is one of the strengths of the game, even if it is not an extraordinary action, because Bethesda studios have already worked closely with Microsoft before.

“It’s exclusive – Xbox, PC… remember exclusivity isn’t exclusive to us, even though we’ve done stuff on PlayStation… traditionally PC developers in the beginning, we’ve moved to Xbox which has become our main platform like Morrowind was basically an xbox exclusive, Oblivion has been an xbox exclusive for a long time… our starting positions are all xbox so we started the project saying we are focused on xbox, it’s not at all abnormal for we…”

During the conversation, Howard emphasized that focusing only on Xbox and PC allows the specialists to fine-tune the production in many respects. The creators focus on three devices, plus the process is supported by employees of an American company.

“Development-wise, I like this opportunity to focus…and have the help of them: the best Xbox engineers who can say ‘we’re going to make this awesome on new systems’, and that’s from my development-wise. just wonderful view.”

Starfield will undoubtedly be one of Microsoft and Bethesda’s biggest launches next year. The game was supposed to debut on November 11, however, the developers needed more time to polish the story and are currently planning a debut in the first half of 2023.

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