Xbox downplays arguments that they are going to raise the price of Game Pass

The most important news so far this year regarding the video game industry has been the acquisition of Activision Blizzard and King by Microsofta deal that if it passes antitrust regulations will be closed before June 2023 by $68.7 billion. The situation gives Xbox Game Studios a catalog of games and sagas huge and some argue that when Xbox Game Pass is popular enough (they have over 25 million subscribers) will increase the price, something that they apparently rule out from the company

The tech giant intends to include as many games as they can from the makers of Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Diablo Y Candy Crush on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, which offer access to several hundred titles of different genres from Microsoft consoles, computers, browsers and mobile phones for a monthly fee.

The subscription service is expanding both with the purchase of studies (Xbox Game Studios games are available from day one) and with agreements to launch third-party releases that some players argue that when Microsoft has the upper hand they will increase the price of the subscription as other brands like Netflix and Amazon have done.

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Game Pass hasn’t gone up in price since 2017

Xbox Game Pass was launched in June 2017 and since then it has cost 9.99 euros per month in its standard version for console or PC. Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft, is aware of these arguments. “I think I can’t deny this. [La gente pregunta]When will the price of Game Pass go up?he says in an interview with Axios.

Players say, according to the CEO: “They’re buying all these studios. You know, it’s inevitable.”. But remember that since the launch of the service they have never increased the price, except when PC Game Pass came out of betawhich went from 3.99 per month to 9.99 per month, like the console subscription.

“But they say, ‘You know, it’s going to come [el aumento]. When they’re first they’re going to start doing those exclusivity deals and, you know, Xbox has a history.’ Y all I can do is make the decisions in front of us and try to be explicit about what our goals are,” concludes Spencer.

The Microsoft subscription service is available from time to time. three modalities. Xbox Game Pass for Console and PC Game Pass are $9.99 a month each. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate includes both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Cloud Gaming services in beta, which allows you to play hundreds of titles in the Xbox app for Windows 10/11, in the browser and on mobile devices.

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