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Microsoft is giving Xbox users the option to download game and system updates while their console is in power-saving mode. That was not possible before. This mode will now also be the default option when setting up a new Xbox.

Microsoft writes in a blog post that the ability to download updates in Energy Saver mode is now available. Previously, it was not possible to download updates while the console was in this power-saving mode. Before that, users had to put their console in standby, but that is no longer necessary.

The company claims that Xbox consoles in Energy Saver mode use “up to twenty times” less power compared to standby mode, provided the consoles are out of use and do not receive updates. It is not clear how much more economical the power saving mode is when downloading updates. Microsoft only talks about ‘further energy savings’.

In addition, Energy Saver Mode is now the default option when users first set up their Xbox. This mode therefore consumes less energy, but does provide slightly longer boot times, especially on the older Xbox One that still has an HDD.

Microsoft also says it has started using recycled plastic in part in the production of the Xbox Series S since late last year. Microsoft has also built an “energy monitoring system” into a small number of Xbox consoles. This is used to collect anonymous telemetry data about power consumption. “This is important because accurate per-unit telemetry helps us identify the best opportunities to make future improvements that help us conserve energy,” the company writes.

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These initiatives are part of Microsoft’s commitment to be carbon negative and ‘water positive’ by 2030. The company also plans to transition to green energy for its Azure data centers for Xbox Cloud Gaming by 2025. By 2030, all Xbox products and accessories must also be fully recyclable, the company says.

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