Xbox CEO: – We do not need to sell The Elder Scrolls VI on other consoles to cover the ZeniMax acquisition

Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda owner ZeniMax Media created some reactions, and possibly concerns. Now the Xbox boss has made some new comments about the acquisition, which does not necessarily help to allay concerns.

In an interview down the site Kotaku Microsoft’s Xbox CEO Phil Spencer suggests that there are no financial reasons to launch Bethesda games on competitors’ platforms, at least not in the short term.

Manages exclusivity

We do not yet know if Elder Scrolls VI will be coming to PlayStation. Foto: Bethesda

– Yes, Spencer answered a question about whether Microsoft will be able to cover the large investment sum of 7.5 billion dollars without to launch The Elder Scrolls VI on the PlayStation platform.

– […] I do not need to sell those games on any other platforms beyond the platforms we support to make the deal work for us, whatever that means, Spencer added. According to the Xbox boss, however, it was not an explicit goal of the acquisition to take games away from players.

The wording with others is still ambiguous, and it is not yet entirely clear whether it will actually be possible for anyone other than Microsoft’s own customers to access future Bethesda games.

Incidentally, the company has previously said that they will consider exclusivity on a case-by-case basis, and in late September, the upcoming Bethesda game became Starfield mentioned as a future Xbox and PC title, without giving up other platforms.

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