Xbox All Access at slightly lower prices. The service started with the first console

Xbox All Access has already started in Poland and the first players can buy the console as part of a subscription with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Those interested can now reach for the Xbox One S, but the price of the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S has been slightly lowered.

Xbox All Access is an interesting proposition for players who cannot spend a large amount on a console, and want to enjoy the benefits of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. Those interested in the subscription (installments) receive a console and a service – after 24 months the equipment stays at home, and customers can buy an offer from an American corporation.

This week, Xbox All Access was launched on the Xbox One S and players can get access to the console + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for PLN 99 per month.

The offer for next-gen devices will not be available until next month (from the console’s release date), but it’s worth noting that we will get both proposals a little cheaper Xbox Series X is priced at PLN 145 per month (previously PLN 148), and Xbox Series S at PLN 109 per month (previously PLN 111).

These are reductions of only a few zlotys, but considering that we are talking about a subscription for 24 months, players will save for at least one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Are you going to use Xbox All Access?

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