Xbox: 2023 is going to be an exciting year for gamers

Last year wasn’t the best year for Microsoft’s gaming business. The company hasn’t seen any major releases for the Xbox game console. In addition to Game Pass, nearly everything from First Studio games to hardware sales saw revenue decline. enough. Arguably, 2022 has been a generally forgotten year for Xbox, however, according to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer, things may change this year.

And in an interview with IGN, Spencer noted that 2022 was a “very light year for gaming” because the platform didn’t produce enough first-person titles or exclusives. Our commitment to our fans is that we need to keep putting out great games. That people can play on our platform, and we haven’t done enough in 2022, there’s no question about that.”

Meanwhile, he confirmed that projects in Xbox’s current pipeline mean 2023 “is going to be an exciting year,” and while he confirmed there won’t be any major exclusive launches in 2022, Spencer said: “Our commitment to our fan base is to have a stable release.” from Xbox One. “There is no doubt that there are great games that people can play on our platform, and we haven’t done enough of that in 2022.

And next year, the Xbox CEO said he felt the company had “momentum” following the success of Hi-Fi Rush, which was released during a live developer presentation earlier this week. “We are going through painful changes right now, but I think they are necessary, but they really set us up and the teams for long-term success.”

With Starfield being the year’s most anticipated exclusive in recent memory, Spencer revealed his excitement, saying, “Looking into 2023, I love the games we’ve had, Redfall and Starfield, because ‘it’s going to be exciting,'” she explained. It’s going to be an exciting year when I think about the rest of what we’ve done this year, given the timing of Bethesda after their full integration into the organization. “

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