Xavier Bertrand pays himself Emmanuel Macron

“This is not fooling anyone”, says Xavier Bertrand. Guest of RTL this Wednesday, November 10, the candidate for the LR nomination returned to Emmanuel Macron’s speech and sharply criticized his record. “The French want to turn the page on Mr. Macron,” he assured. According to him, the head of state “does not understand the French. He does not understand France”.

“We are at the end of his five-year term. We are a few months away from the presidential election and now, he is going to do everything he has not done for five years. Let’s be serious. It’s not fooling anyone,” judge the former minister, for whom Emmanuel Macron was not up to the challenges of his mandate.

“To lead pension reform, it needs courage. He does not have it”, already considers the president of Hauts-de-France. “On the other hand, at the start of his mandate, at the start of his five-year term, he increased the CSG for retirees and he deprived them of part of their purchasing power. This is Emmanuel Macron’s assessment.” , he adds.

Insecurity: “Where is the state’s response?”

Same thing on the side of nuclear, Xavier Bertrand denounces “the flagrante delicto of a lie or incoherence “, by Emmanuel Macron. “In November 2018, it was not a century ago, he announced the closure of 14 reactors. He let Fessenheim shut down and it is the same one who comes to tell us ‘listen, we are going to relaunch nuclear power’. No, we can’t trust him “.

He also castigates the president’s results in terms of security. “Where is the response fromIT’Stat ? It is very important because security is the first of freedoms. Has the President of the Republic ordered his government to do the right thing? That the police go to their quarters to make arrests? “He asks.

Finally, about unemployment insurance, Emmanuel Macron only “reminded the law” Tuesday evening during his speech. “He just recalled the law that he had passed and that he does not apply. This is what he said: ‘there is nothing more, nothing less’. But he takes us for fools or what? “, gets carried away Xavier Bertrand.

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