Xavi: ‘The Netherlands gave up its football culture and waged a war’


Also in Spanish media, there is an extensive look back at the 2010 World Cup final, in which Andrés Iniesta hit the Dutch team in the heart of the extension in the heart and gave Spain the world title. Xavi talks about it in El Pais.

The hard game of Orange has surprised Xavi. Bert van Marwijk’s men threw in the beech and played a lot brighter than usual. “Like many other countries, they also gave up their football culture against Spain”, Xavi says. “They wanted to make football impossible for us, instead of playing their own game. They changed their way of playing. The Netherlands waged a war against us: many offenses, cards, interruptions, they did everything to get us out of our game. “

Xavi remembers that he has never been so nervous before a game. “I couldn’t even take a nap and just kept seeing the cup. I said to myself, we can’t lose a World Cup final. There should be no other outcome. From the start, I was convinced that this was our tournament. The pressure was maximum, the highest pressure in my career. “

“Everyone had the same feeling in the team. I think Del Bosque (ex-national coach Spain, ed.) Admitted that he was shaking on his legs. The tension was really huge. I remember when I went into overtime: make please score a goal. We can’t make it to penalties. “

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