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The ’70s Show, a decade full of iconic films, the founding of pioneering companies and fateful political affairs. Most people remember the decade as the time of free love, hippies and driving disco music. Director Ti West takes up a lot of that in “X”, but the music doesn’t exude much cheerfulness – and in general you quickly get the feeling that the mood could change at any time.

by Cliff Brockerhoff

It tells the story of an amateur film team that has chosen an old farm as the backdrop for its next “sleazy film” and lets the bed wobble between cows, bales of straw and rotten wooden beams. The actual occupants, an older and no less cranky couple, greet the producer in a friendly manner with the shotgun and henceforth eye the sextet critically from a distance. As the eerie encounters pile up, the crew realizes that the explosive mix of love, sex and pornography is a…

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