X Factor 2021, Erio eliminated and yet another bickering Manuel Agnelli-Mika: “Bengala Fire are not a pub cover band”

After the performance of Manuel Agnelli, who opened the X Factor 2021 semifinal with his new single «The depth of the abyss» (together with him, among the musicians, also the Little Pieces Of Marmelade, runners-up of his team in the 2020 edition), it was Erio’s turn to take the stage. The competitor, from the team of the Afterhours frontman, performed in a duet with The representative of the list on the notes of “Amare”. «Erio is introverted, he has to stay that way. He doesn’t have to turn into another thing, a trapeze artist, an equilibrist, a heavy metal singer (I’m already there). It has to be what it is. I am very happy », commented his judge (Agnelli). The public, however, did not reward the 35-year-old from Livorno, who – who ended up in the ballot with Baltimore – was eliminated by Mika’s decisive vote.



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