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For over a century of MBA existence, it has become the recommended program for executive education and managerial programs, perceived as readiness and willingness for potential business managers. Getting admission for MBA has become competitive in almost all parts of the continent because it has reduced bachelor’s degree relevance as one the least requirement in getting professional jobs. An MBA holder is seen as one who truly understands what works in practice in the business world. The reality is that MBA programs offer high-quality mentorship, internship, job placement guide, and groundbreaking research.


Students now have an understanding of advancing their career in the corporate world. As a result, they quickly start their MBA program immediately after their bachelor’s degree. The reality is that getting an MBA admission is not easy. However, things have taken a twist as Forbes attested that the MBA program is now admitting lots of students due to the convincing proposals they are submitting. One thing that has made it possible is that they buy cheap essay from services like EssayBulls.


Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School conducted the first MBA program in the world. It has international recognition for the kind of rigorous research done by its MBA student, which centers on the reading and solving of almost 500 cases individually and group efforts during its 24-month duration. Aside from this, their HBS faculties have sold more than 80% of business school cases globally.

Tuition fees: US$146,880

Female students’ percentage: 41%

International students’ percentage: 37%

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Stanford Graduate of Business

This business school has achieved an excellent ranking in terms of alumni outcomes and entrepreneurship. Its MBA program is duration of 21-months whereby students must observe the Global Experience Requirement, which offers the opportunity to work and study abroad for 10-days minimum. Countries for this opportunity in the past have been Greece, Brazil, and South Korea.

Tuition fees: US$141,180

Female Students’ percentage: 41%

International Students Percentage: 42%



INSEAD is the most high-ranked European MBA program globally and boasts a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI) score, with its MBA graduates receiving a 100% salary increase. INSEAD has three campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi, and Fontainebleau, and the program duration is ten months. To be a certified graduate, students must complete compulsory 14 courses and choose from the optional 75 electives.

Tuition fees: US$98,009

Female Students Percentage: 35%

International Students Percentage: 96%


MIT Sloan School of Management

MIT MBA program is a 24-month program, and one of the unique traits of the school program is the encouragement and promotion of practicability. The management is an advocate of “Action Learning,” students undergo practical management skills, intern remotely, and work with reputable business organizations to proffer solutions to business challenges in real-life.

Tuition fees: US$148,400

Female Students Percentage: 42%

International Students Percentage: 38%


London Business School

London is one of the most famous cities in the world. It is renowned for being one of the world’s major financial cities with lots of top leading financial organizations represented. Aside from that, there are over world-leading international organizations using the city as their headquarter, making it suitable for the MBA program. The London Business School boasts an outstanding record of more than 90% MBA getting organization jobs three months after graduation.

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Tuition fees: US$104,493

Female Students Percentage: 40%

International Students Percentage: 91%


HEC Paris

What makes HEC Paris getting ranked is its remarkable score on ROI rankings. The graduates of this school have benefited more than 120% in their salary after graduation due to their level of solving problems in the business world. The MBA program runs for 15-month. It concentrates more on leadership seminars, HEC Global Leader Series, where renowned business speakers guide students on business ordeals, and the multi-sport MBA tournament run by students.

Tuition fees: US$66,690

Female Students Percentage: 34%

International Students Percentage: 93%


Haas School of Business

This business school is situated at the University of California, Berkeley. Haas Business School MBA program has a compulsory 12 course and electives, helping students understand challenges and means tackle business problems. It is required that students must meet the “Applied Innovation” requirement where leadership skills consist of teamwork, and practical learning is done. Course done under Applied Innovation is Haas Socially Responsible Investment Fund and International Business Development.

Tuition fees: US$119,622

Percentage of female students: 43 percent

Percentage of international students: 42 percent


One thing every applicant should keep in mind is that some MBA school requirements are higher than their counterpart, so it is advisable to do background research before applying. The above listed are certified, but it is advisable to conduct a deeper research to know more about each country’s school process

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