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One month after the release of Xbox Series X|S, all the insider users of Xbox One can download the app from today DTS Sound Unbound. For those unfamiliar with it, this is the software that can enable DTS: X on all HDMI compatible devices and DTS Headphone: X on all headphones connected to the Microsoft console.

DTS: X technology is the American company’s answer to Dolby’s Atmos. It is a system capable of placing sound “spatially” within an environment in 3D and reproduce it so that it appears to come from the same location. DTS Headphone: X uses an algorithm capable of studying stereo sound and reproducing it through 12 binaural channels, so as to give the listener the sensation of being surrounded by sound.

L’app DTS Sound Unbound will allow all Xbox One owners (and Xbox Series X | S when they come out) to enjoy these technologies, which can drastically improve sound quality, especially with a pair of headphones in their ears.

Those who have installed the update Beta and Delta 2010.200923-0000 released at the end of September will be able to download and use a preliminary version of the DTS Sound Unbound app, in order to help Microsoft and DTS improve the experience before publication thanks to the final questionnaire.

Enjoy Xbox’s approach more with DTS Sound Unbound and Dolby Atmos or PS5 with his Tempest Engine? Is sound an element that will affect your choice?

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