www banpresbpum co id BNI How to Check PNM Mekar Level 3 Beneficiaries Correctly Like This

PURWOKERTO PORTAL – Check the link www banpresbpum co id, because this link may not be directly accessible to you and difficult to open.

The banpresbpum.id website is one of the official pages used to check whether you are a recipient BPUM 2021.

For those of you who want to know how to check the recipient help PNM Mekar Stage 3, you need to know in advance the following information:

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1. The correct page is not at www.banpresbpum.co.id, but banpresbpum.id.

2. Make sure you have not received aid and have not disbursed it in 2021. Because this assistance is only disbursed once

3. If you have checked the name of the ID card at banpresbpum.id and the name is still listed even though you have withdrawn the funds previously, ignore it and do not need to come to the bank again.

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The Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs has stated that BPUM There are only two stages, namely in 2020 and 2021.



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