Bad allegations against WWE: will employees be forced to work on TV recordings despite the rampant corona pandemic? An anonymous employee complained to the authorities out of fear for his health and his job. WWE denies.

Is WWE forcing its employees to work during the Corona crisis? In any case, one such complaint has been received by the Orange County Board of County Commissioners. Orange County is the Florida district where WWE operates the Performance Center (Orlando). Local US media reported on this on Tuesday.

An anonymous person who goes by the name of “John” has told the agency that he was forced to work on TV recording in fear of a possible termination from WWE. Despite the Florida stay-at-home arrangement. The claim of the alleged employee: The government should shut down the TV recordings until further notice.


“I’m afraid of losing the job”

The wording: “I cannot express my point of view because I need this job. And I know I’ll be fired if I approach the superiors. Despite hygiene measures, we are not able to adhere to social distancing, we have to touch other people.

I urge the government to shut down these tapings and enforce the stay-at-home arrangement so that my colleagues and I can adhere to the social distancing rules. Without fear or the impact of losing our jobs. “

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The role in which the person “John” works at WWE was not mentioned.


WWE responded to the allegations with this statement to PWInsider: