WWDC: Allegedly new iMac planned with thinner edges and without Fusion Drive

Gets the iMac a new design this year? A current leak speaks of a refreshed one iMac with thinner edges. A revision would be due, Apple’s desktop computer had to wait too long for a major update.

The iMac may soon be launched in a significantly revised version. A leaker that has had a certain accuracy in the past with regard to new products from Apple has now commented on the future of the iMac.

On the short message service Twitter, he said that he believed in a new design for Apple’s desktop, which the company would already introduce as part of the WWDC 2020. Due to the Corona pandemic, this event will take place virtually on June 22nd, Apfellike.com reported.

After that, the iMac should be reissued in the design of the iPad Pro, which also includes significantly narrower edges.

Does the iMac lose the rotating hard drives?

Apple will also say goodbye to the rotating disks of classic hard drives, according to the Leaker. Up to now, Apple has used the Fusion Drive as standard in the iMac, a hybrid of hard disk and SSD, which, however, does not match the speed of pure SSDs.

Apple will also equip the iMac with its T2 chip, a logical decision. This ARM co-processor is now installed in all current Macs and provides extended, hardware-based security and diagnostic functions.
It remains to be seen whether we will actually see a new iMac in a few days. However, it would be high time for a new start, the iMac has been waiting for a revision for a decade and now appears to be out of date.

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