Wuling’s New Car Price Leaks Below Rp 200 Million, Tiny Electric Car?


Wuling caught registering a new product. The car with the code E230 appeared on the NJKB Samsat DKI Jakarta page. Is this the Wuling electric car that is selling well in China?

The code also shows the NJKB price list. There are two variants, namely the E230 LV 0 4×2 AT Rp. 132 million and the E230 LV 2 4×2 AT Rp. 166 million. To note, this price does not include tax instruments such as Value Added Tax (VAT), Motor Vehicle Tax, Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM), Motor Vehicle Title Transfer Fee (BBNKB) and others.

It is suspected that NJKB is one of the electric cars that Wuling will sell in Indonesia. Because the Chinese manufacturer has introduced a tiny electric car, but the price has not been released to the public.



The car was just showing off. For those of you who are already captivated by the charm of Wuling EV, please be a little patient. The problem is that the manufacturer from the Bamboo Curtain country has not yet received an order for Wuling EV.

Wuling Motors’ Brand and Marketing Director Dian Asmahani denied that the registered NJKB was the base price of Wuling EV.

Wuling Baojun KiWi EV at GIIAS 2021 Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang

“This (Wuling’s latest NJKB) is not,” when confirmed by detikcom, Tuesday (5/7/2022).

What is clear, the tiny electric car will be produced at the Wuling factory in the Cikarang area, Bekasi. As for consumers who are already interested, they cannot place an order. Even so, consumers can register their names with the nearest dealer and will be contacted further.

The name E230 is actually synonymous with electric cars that have been tested in China. Quoted from the Carnewschina page, Tuesday (5/7/2022) Wuling E230 will be launched in the Chinese car market in the fourth quarter of this year.

Overall the design of the Wuling E230 may look similar to the Mini EV, especially the proportions, but it’s actually bigger and very different. Longer, wider and taller than the Mini EV.

Wuling electric car / Wuling EV to be produced in Indonesia.Wuling electric car / Wuling EV to be produced in Indonesia. Photo: doc. Wuling Motors Indonesia

Wuling E230 will be available in two versions, namely four seats with a long wheelbase and a two-seat version for short wheelbases. Both have a body with 3 doors.

Will Wuling also market the E230 in Indonesia? Dian was reluctant to reveal further information about the E230 registered with the NJKB Samsat.

“We will inform you later,” said Dian.

What is certain is that Wuling will produce electric cars in Indonesia. General Secretary of the Association of Indonesian Automotive Industries (Gaikindo) Kukuh Kumara also hopes that this Wuling electric car can be sold at a price that is in accordance with the reach of people in the country.

“He (Wuling EV) September assembles (assembled) here. We don’t know the price yet, but the range will be appropriate. (Estimated) is under Rp. 300 million. In this range, people can buy it, yes, for that range, “said Strong some time ago.

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