Wuling Motors Indonesia Responds to Challenge, Launches Electric Car Under IDR 200 Million

Wuling Motors Indonesia Responds to Challenge, Launches Electric Car Under IDR 200 Million


Wuling Motors Indonesia responding to the challenge of the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan to sell electric car cheap under IDR 200 million in Indonesia. The four-wheeled manufacturer from China claims to have ‘answered’ this challenge.

Dian Asmahani as Marketing Director of Wuling Motors Indonesia said that his party already has an electric car under IDR 200 million, namely the Wuling Air ev Lite.

According to Dian, the announced price does include a tax deduction of IDR 188 million. However, he said, the original price was cheap, namely IDR 206 million with on-road status in Jakarta.

“We already have electric cars under IDR 200 million. Air EV Lite. Actually, even apart from the VAT incentive, the price is not much different. So I think we have answered that challenge,” said Dian in response to Luhut’s statement, quoted Friday (15/ 9).

Wuling Air ev Lite officially launched at the GIIAS 2023 exhibition Photo: Andhika Prasetia

When asked whether Wuling would launch another electric car under IDR 200 million (before incentives were deducted), Dian could not speak. Because, currently the party is still focused on marketing Wuling Air ev.

“I can’t say anything yet, I’m still focused on Wuling Air EV first,” he stressed.

Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan attends IKAXA 2023. Photo: Doc. IKAXA

Previously, when delivering material at the 2023 IKAXA National Seminar, Senayan, Central Jakarta, Luhut challenged Wuling to sell electric cars for under IDR 200 million. Because, he said, it could increase interest in non-emission vehicles in Indonesia.

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“Several models (electric cars) have been exhibited at GIIAS 2023. I think there are 10 models, so you just have to choose what design and price, from expensive to cheap. I think you can make this Wuling for under IDR 200 million. ” said Luhut on Thursday (14/9).

According to Luhut, currently the price factor is still one of the ‘obstacles’ to the electric vehicle transition. That is why Wuling, which has been producing non-emission cars domestically, has been asked to reduce prices further.

Watch the video “Quick! This is the appearance of the Wuling Binggo electric car that just hit the streets in RI”


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