Wuhan in Turkey waiting for the plane who spoke to Turkish citizens Haberturk

China’s Wuhan countdown has begun for our citizens to come prepared to return home in the town of emerging new type of coronavirus outbreak after input from the plane to Turkey. Waiting to be evacuated at Wuhan airport, Neslihan Çimen Xu answered the questions of Mehmet Akif Ersoy from Habertürk …

Grass, the Chinese press of help from Turkey and China, said that he found a great echo touched. “I am proud of my country,” says Neslihan Çimen Xu’s answers to the questions:

MEHMET AKİF ERSOY: You were brought to the airport, what did you experience?

NESLİHAN ÇİMEN XU: We’re all fine now. First of all, I want to say this. The Turkish Embassy worked very well and always communicated with us. They provided the necessary information on time, they arranged the whole program. They arranged vehicles for each location. They provided information at every stage. There are 25 Turks. They came up to our door and took us. We went through all the checks.

What kind of controls are they?

Normally everywhere is closed. Ghost town. That’s why we entered the airport with special permission. Our embassy reported before, we entered very comfortably. Police are waiting in the main places, or you cannot log in.


How are Turks related to each other?

Unfortunately! We fight the seats, everyone avoids each other. We were in China for 13 days. Thank goodness we have nothing so far. My mother and child are with me.

Contact them, things you use in common

We have a relationship with them, it is inevitable. If one of us is sick, we all become. We had incredibly difficult things.

You said ghost town, what did you eat, what did you drink?

There is food, food transportation. Fresh vegetables come, but if you can get it out, no one dares to come out. We got it every three or four days. We took that risk. We bought rice. There was an incredible chaos like January 21-22. Everyone ran to the markets. At 23, Wuhan was quarantined. Since the 21st they declared OHAL and the numbers and cases began to increase.

I ask about your surname, is your partner Chinese? Will he stay there?


Yes, Chinese. We also fought this. The Chinese government did not allow until last night. No families with Chinese passports were allowed, including spouse and child. We were allowed last night, thank goodness we came to Turkey with my wife and child.

How did you get permission, did Turkish authorities mediate?

Of course, Turkish authorities have reached a lot. We and my wife have friends whose other wife is Chinese. He tried hard to get permission for them. I thank them very much. I think there are Turks who are Chinese like me, as far as I know. I asked the embassy and they said it was.

Have you encountered any incidents?

I have never met, but ambulances constantly passed sometime. Empty vehicles are constantly passing at night. We don’t know where they’re going. The situation is worse than it seems. So we were very worried.

You consider it more risky than we see …

“I do not dent being quarantined in Turkey”

More troubled. That’s why we wanted to come as soon as possible and the Turkish government arranged this. The plane has not yet landed as far as I know.

How do you get on the plane, how will the process be, do you have any knowledge? When you return to Turkey you will be kept in quarantine for 14 days?

Yes, I never get quarantined in my own land, no problem, as long as I am in my own land. Believe this place is very difficult, after all you are a citizen of another country.

How will this process continue?

I have no information right now. They gave us a few documents, we will fill them. General documents such as our name, surname, fever, and whether we have health problems. They asked us to give us a statement before we left. It is accepted that we will be quarantined.

Has a virus scan been carried out at the airport?

They measured our fever, they measured everyone’s fever. Right now, everyone is masked, including my child. Employees here have entered special clothing.

The images reflected on us have yellow outfits.

They are employees.

Is this airport normally closed or was it opened because the Turkish plane came?

Closed, all major roads are all closed. Currently I have German citizens, people from some Arab countries. I met someone from Georgia who will come with us. Tonight will be a very long journey as far as I understand.

Do you communicate with your family?

“TURKEY’S AID touched by the Chinese MOST”

Yes I do. My dear father was very worried about us, he worked very hard. I wish to return safely and all I want is with my child and my family. I want to add also that Turkey and Japan than elsewhere in China, which did not help. Including mask and other equipment. In China, this was very well received, news. They were very emotional. Nobody sent it. Yesterday the British were taken away. None of them brought anything. Turkey is currently with medical assistance, it was greeted very nicely. It’s really flattering for us.

Is Turkey’s support reflects the Chinese media?

Yeah yeah. He did a very good job, I was very proud of my country. He did so while bringing us here. I would like to thank Deniz Hanım and Erdal Bey from the embassy, ​​they gave us a lot of support. They also supported psychologically. Thank you very much.

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