Wuhan: from ground zero to attraction

October 18, 2020


With nearly 19 million visitors, Wuhan – where the pandemic broke – was the most visited city in China during the holiday week in early October.

Wuhan is rising from its ashes. The city, maligned for the pandemic outbreak, has become a tourist hotspot.

The city of millions (11 million inhabitants) was the most visited city in China during the Golden Week from 1 to 8 October – on the occasion of the national holiday. Wuhan received 18.8 million visitors, The Wall Street Journal reports, based on the Chinese government’s tourism figures.

Wuhan is a hero city and the people are extraordinary. Wuhan is probably the safest place. I feel proud, ”explains a tourist why he traveled more than 300 kilometers to visit ground zero of the pandemic.

The influx yielded Wuhan’s tourism sector an equivalent of 1.2 billion euros. That is 30 percent less than the same period last year, when there was no mention of Covid-19.

An amusement park in Wuhan.

Chinese media had predicted the growth of domestic tourism for the holiday week, referring to ‘revenge and support tourism’. Last year (pre-corona), 7 million Chinese traveled abroad during the Golden Week – the majority to Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.

Despite Wuhan’s popularity, the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Tourism reports that the number of tourists in Golden Week fell by a fifth (to 637 million) from last year. The tourism sector saw revenues shrink by a third.

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