Wuhan coronavirus. Add 6 cases of coronavirus in California

Health Authorities in California confirmed three new cases of people infected with the coronavirus. This is a couple in San Benito County and a woman in Santa Clara County.

According to information from the local newspaper, The San Diego Union Tribune, in both cases, people had returned to California after being in Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated.

With these three new cases of coronavirus, already add six in the state of California; two of them in Santa Clara, two more in San Benito, one in Orange County, and another in the city of Los Angeles.

The Miramar Marine Corps Air Station in California, as well as three other military bases in the United States, will be used to protect people who may need to be in isolation after returning from China.

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It will be a minimum of 14 days of confinement those who spend in these military bases, who have traveled to China and return to the American Union. The United States has eleven cases of people contaminated with the coronavirus, more than half registered in California.

The new coronavirus, which has already killed 425 people, caused its first fatality in Hong Kong on Tuesday and continues to spread rapidly in China.

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In the Asian country the number of contaminated people already exceeds 20,400, despite the measures taken by the government to isolate entire regions.

The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Guatemala and El Salvador, among others, banned the visit of foreigners if they were in China recently, and warned their own citizens to avoid trips to Chinese territory.

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With more than 170 confirmed cases in 24 other countries and regions, including Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Thursday declared the outbreak as a public health emergency of international interest.

Several countries have sent airplanes to repatriate their citizens from China. On Tuesday the first case of coronavirus in one of these returnees, a European who was part of the 250 passengers of a plane that traveled from Wuhan on Sunday.

With information from AFP



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