Wu Mengda died of liver cancer!The actor’s “hepatic burst with 100 tumors” 31-year-old dead silent killer 5 symptoms exposed

Wu Mengda (left) and An Juncan (right) both died of liver cancer. (Picture/Flip from Weibo, the same below)

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Hong Kong star Wu Mengda suffered from liver cancer last year. He received chemotherapy after undergoing surgery recently. Today (27th) his condition has taken a turn for the worse. He died in the hospital at night and lived at the age of 70. In fact, liver cancer is called the “silent killer.” It is usually difficult to detect in the early stages of the disease. When the body becomes unwell and goes to the doctor, it is often unsuccessful. In the past, “Komi Boy” member An Juncan also suffered from liver cancer, just 2 He died of illness two years later at the age of 31.

It is understood that Wu Mengda suffered heart failure due to a virus infection in 2014. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment and lost his life. After that, he was significantly thinner. Unexpectedly, he was found to have liver cancer at the end of last year. At that time, he did not want to disclose the current stage. , First went to Macau for medical treatment and then returned to Hong Kong for surgery and chemotherapy. The original condition was stable for a time, but today it suddenly deteriorated. The hospital immediately issued a critical illness notice. In the end, Uncle Da still lost to the illness and enjoyed the age of 70.

After the news of Wu Mengda’s death was exposed, the outside world felt deeply sorry and sorrowful, and couldn’t help but recall An Juncan; he was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013 and his condition was under control after active treatment. Unexpectedly, An Jun between March and April 2015 When Chan went to the hospital for follow-up, she was suddenly told that her body was full of hundreds of tumors, and the cancer cells had even spread to the bones. After just 2 weeks, she caused stomach bleeding. He still did not get better after blood transfusion, and finally passed away.

According to the “Patient Handbook for Liver Cancer Countermeasures” of the Liver Disease Prevention and Treatment Academic Foundation, liver cancer is difficult to detect at an early stage and is usually quite serious when it is discovered. Therefore, it is also called “silent killer”, but there are still some symptoms to follow, including the upper abdomen Pain, fatigue, loss of appetite, abdominal distension, weight loss, jaundice, lower limb edema, ascites, vomiting blood, acute abdominal pain, etc., remind people to pay more attention.



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