Writer Zahari Karabashliev comments on the scandal in Bulgarian parliament

A few words, although I don’t want to stain my wall… But everyone must have already seen how this morning an angry MP from Izrazhdane (I’m sorry, but we shouldn’t associate these people with our Bulgarian Revival) spat on someone in the National Assembly . Even before that, hate speech followed, the likes of which I have never heard anywhere in a normal country, followed by threats to peace in the country, for whatever reason, Manol Peykov has described everything. This is how the writer Zahari Karabashliev commented on Facebook about the scandal in the parliament from today, which led to a physical confrontation.

“My word is – this sputum in the Bulgarian National Assembly was actually sputum against the institution, against the democratic model, and above all against “Union makes strength”. This sputum will remain another unpunished manifestation of a pack, about which many of us warned long ago “, he adds.

“They are furious – the entire presidential army are Russian slaves… The truth is that Russia is losing this war, which it should have won in 3 days a long time ago. And their power is weakening in every way. Bulgaria is the weakest economic unit in the European Union. But not only “Here, almost everything in almost every institution has been breached and Bulgaria is working to fail. It is dragging us towards an abyss, that’s all,” Karabashliev points out.

Manol Peykov with his version of the scandal in the parliament

“Moscow’s goal is not to draw us to itself. The goal is to KILL us from Europe and push us into the abyss. The goal is not to make us strong. The goal is to weaken us even more – to be the bad showcase of Europe , let’s be the ones that everyone will be pointing fingers at – this is what happens when you break away from your stepmother Russia. You must be punished. Russia is losing the war in Ukraine. The kopecks are sequat, or rather, there will be none for everyone who until now were on the hook,” warns the writer.

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“It is difficult. But my faith in individual resistance remains. In every breached structure (the Ministry of the Interior, the Presidency, the services, certainly in the services) there are honest and honorable individuals who have a conscience and a brain. I personally believe that at certain historical moments , they can make right decisions. No one can force you to participate in ugliness and lying. Solzhenitsyn in 1974 talks about everyday participation in lying and obedience. A magnificent and fundamental essay. And concludes “let it (the lie) not rule through me “. Tomorrow’s peaceful march will be important. 18:30. The Presidency. We will be there,” concludes Zahari Karabashliev.

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