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WhatsApp has recently offered one of the most practical options from better messengers such as Telegram, Signal and Co.: You can finally write messages to yourself. What sounds silly can offer a lot of benefits: you can pre-compose messages to others, send reminders to yourself, save a picture that you don’t necessarily need in your photo gallery and much more. We’ll show you how it works and why the self-talk chat is worthwhile.

This is how you send WhatsApp messages to yourself

The function to send WhatsApp messages to yourself has been distributed through updates in the past few weeks. It works on Android and iOS as well as on other devices you are logged on to – such as a PC or an iPad.

To use them, start a new chat and look up your name in the address book. If for some reason you have several contacts with the same name (e.g. because you have saved company numbers etc.), look for the entry with the status Send yourself a message.

Whether as a reminder or a cache, messages to yourself can actually be useful.

The chat now offers all the functions that you know from WhatsApp. In addition to texts, you can also send voice messages, photos or videos. The media overview and the other standard options are also available. Of course, you can also delete WhatsApp messages that you no longer need. It can be worth it, since everything you send here also ends up in your WhatsApp backup. Or you simply send self-deleting WhatsApp messages.

Chat with yourself – it’s worth it

As already mentioned, the use cases for WhatsApp soliloquies are diverse. You want to remember a link or save a funny picture? Send it via WhatsApp. Of course, you can also use the function for a brainstorming session or just send yourself something constructive – that can sometimes be a good thing 🙂

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(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon affiliate program)

(* = affiliate link / image source: Amazon affiliate program)

In our Tuto-internal standard messenger Telegram, I have been using the “Saved” function for years to quickly send rather unimportant stuff to other devices. In contrast to WhatsApp, Telegram now runs parallel on every potato and any number of devices. Nevertheless, I think it’s good that WhatsApp has followed suit here.

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