WPW2022: Bordeaux, capital of wireless energy

Photo of a woman in front of the premises of UBee Lab

Colloquium © Gautier Dufau

The “IEEE Wireless Power Week 2022” conference, the largest research event in the field of wireless energy transmission (remote power supply for telephones, cars and electrics, etc.) and micro-energy capture (devices without batteries) will be held from July 5 to 8, 2022 on the Bordeaux campus.

The conference IEEE Wireless Power Week 2022 will be held in conjunction with the Energy Harvesting Summit as well as satellite events July 4-9.

This conference will bring together 300 researchers and experts in the discipline coming from all over the world to share their innovations on the technologies of tomorrow.
Bordeaux will notably welcome Ali Hajimiri (California Institute of Technology) for a presentation on the solar power plants space studies, Johan Kolar (Federal Polytechnic School of Zurich) to address the autonomous underwater drones and John Rogers (Northwestern University), the originator of the concept of theepidermal electronics to present the applications of wireless energy in interventional medicine.

A citizen round table “Technology: a springboard or a brake for the future society”

Several satellite events will be organized during the week, including a citizen round table “Technology: a springboard or a brake for the future society” le Wednesday, July 6 at 2 p.m. and open to the general public.
She will put discusses the place and role of technological progress in the changes of society with interventions of: Patrick Chastenetprofessor of political science at the University of Bordeaux and author of the book “Introduction to Jacques Ellul”, Luc DandoEngineer, author of the book “Towards a local eco-industry” and Claudio Rumolinoengineer at Valorem and specialist in renewable energies.

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