Wow! Vivo V20 Ready to Launch, Equipped with 44 mP Eye Autofocus

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM- Happy news, I live V20 ready to be launched by carrying the best front camera innovation 44MP Eye Autofocus. Moreover, it is equipped with a thin smartphone design, fresh and stylish colors.

“We are ready to launch the V20 and V20 SE with various specs enhancements, especially on the front camera and wrapped in a new sleek and stylish look. The combination of these innovations makes the Vivo V20 worth waiting for V-series lovers in Indonesia, ”said Edy Kusuma, Senior Brand Director of Vivo Indonesia.

Vivo V20 comes with an innovative 44MP Eye Autofocus front camera that offers 44MP Eye Tracking capability to track consumer movements with a focus point on the eye for clear photos and videos and 44MP Autofocus to automatically focus on shooting objects at close and far distances. and still produce sharp and clear images.

In addition, the vivo V20 front camera is supported with 4K Selfie Video which allows consumers to have a very detailed video capture experience. With 4K video resolution, consumers can maximize recording or vlogging activities with better video quality.

Vivo V20 is packaged in two stylish color variants, namely, Midnight Jazz with a thin design which has a body thickness of only 7.38mm and Sunset Melody with a body thickness of 7.48mm.

The Sunset Melody color variant has a unique color, where in one smartphone it has a variety of colors when moved in different directions.

Vivo V20 also has a light weight which makes this smartphone comfortable to hold or insert in a clothes pocket.

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