Wow! Vivo Launches New X70 Series Smartphone, Continues Partnership with Zeiss

ZONABANTEN.comVivo announce that they will launch three smartphone new under the X70 series in the X70, X70 Pro, and X70 Pro+.

To try to position smartphone Vivi is among the best mobile photography options available.

The company also sticks to its collaboration with Zeiss in “a joint effort to create the best mobile photography experience.”

Vivo want to continue the performance of the X60 series phones, especially with the resulting image quality.

The Zeiss effect is most prominent on the X60 Pro+, although the German optical brand logo is on all three X70 models coming from its Chinese counterpart. With specifications:

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1. Pushing mobile photography forward

Vivo equip all three phones with a 32 megapixel front camera.

While the rear arrangement of each is different, especially the main image sensor.



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