Wow! Nokia Ready to Build 4G Network on the Moon – Nokia has been awarded a contract to build 4G network in the moon. The contract is one of several awarded contracts NASA to companies planning to return to the moon.

The contract worth US $ 14.1 million or around Rp. 208.27 billion was awarded to a US subsidiary of Nokia. This value is a fraction of the total US $ 370 million or around Rp. 5.46 trillion given to companies such as SpaceX.

As the page launches Gizmochina, Sunday (18/10/2020), cellular service will allow astronauts, rover, lunar lander and habitats to communicate with each other, according to Jim Reuter, Administrator of the NASA Space Association.

The 4G network Nokia will build, will be far superior to the form of communication used during the initial mission to the Moon.

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Moon Illustration. (Shutterstock)

In fact, this isn’t Nokia’s first attempt to roll out an LTE network on the Moon. It was planned to do so in 2018 in collaboration with PTScientists, a German space company, and Vodafone UK to launch an LTE network at the Apollo 17 landing site but the plan never came to fruition.

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