Wow! Máxima looks really smashing on Sint Maarten

Máxima started the official visit to Sint Maarten subdued, but after a change of clothes she really looks smashing.

I mean, just take a look:

Photo courtesy of Rick Evers

The hairstyle, the jewelry, the refined buttons: this makes my fashion heart happy.

(c) Rick Evers

The queen wears a top and trousers from the Belgian Natan.

(c) Rick Evers

In 2022, the set also surfaced in the US.

(c) Karlijn/Vorsten

Fashion princess Amalia

Princess Amalia wears a dress by Diane von Furstenberg. The garment probably looks familiar to you, because she also wore it during the summer photo session and the birthday of the Norwegian crown princess. Eléonore of Belgium also has the dress (left).

(c) PPE

Amalia dove deep into her mother’s walk-in closet for her yellow earrings. It is a Supertrash design.

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