Wow, HIV/AIDS patients in South Tangerang have reached 1,685 people

TANGERANGNEWS.comActive cases of people living with HIV/AIDS (ODHA) in South Tangerang (Tangsel) city reach 1,685 by 2022.

This number is a cumulative data from the Tangsel City Health Bureau (Dinkes) from 2015 to November 2022.

“In detail, there were 1,460 HIV cases and 225 AIDS cases. The patients were treated according to standards,” South Tangerang City Health Bureau Chief Allin Hendalin Mahdaniar said on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2022.

Meanwhile, in 2022, there will be 308 people living with HIV/AIDS, with 266 HIV cases and 42 AIDS cases.

“HIV/AIDS cases in Tangsel are dominated by men at 81 percent. Then most of the cases are in the productive age, which is 25 to 49 years old,” Allin said.

According to him, until now PLWHAs still receive negative stigma for this disease, which makes them embarrassed to seek treatment to prevent transmission.

Obviously this has an impact on the spread of HIV/AIDS that goes undetected. As a result, the virus continues to spread, especially among housewives and children.

“This also has an impact on the increased risk of death and HIV-AIDS transmission in the community,” Allin said.

Meanwhile, Tangsel Health Bureau Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Division Chief Adhy Purnawan said that treatment and therapeutic support (PDP) services for people with HIV/AIDS in Tangsel have increased to 15 units, compared to the previous only 12 structures.

“At the end of this year, South Tangerang City will add three PDP services, namely UPTD Rawa Buntu Health Center, Permata Pamulang Hospital and North Serpong Hospital,” he said.

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