Wow! Engine Problem, Boeing 737 Lands Emergency at Sea

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In the incident, both pilots were rescued.

Quoting CNBC International, the US aviation authority, the FAA, said Transair flight 810 made an emergency landing around Ohau Island at 1.30 am local time while on its return flight to Honolulu airport, due to an engine problem.

“The pilot had reported an engine problem and was trying to return to Honolulu when they were forced to land the plane in the water,” the FAA said.

“The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate this incident.”

Meanwhile, reports of pilot conversations with air traffic controllers (ATC) and the US coast guard circulating on the site, it is known that the plane began to lose power after the number one engine died.

“Our situation: We lost engine number 1 and we headed straight for the airport,” one of the pilots told ATC Honolulu. The pilot said the plane had about two hours of fuel.

“We’re going to need firefighters.”

“There’s a chance we’ll lose another engine,” said the pilot. “It’s running very hot.”

Air traffic controllers said moments later: “Low altitude warning. Low altitude warning. Can you board?”

“No. Negative,” said another pilot.

Then the captain asked the air traffic controller to “notify the Coast Guard.”

The FAA said the Boeing plane that made an emergency landing was built in 1975 and was powered by two Pratt & Whitney engines. The plane was not a 737 Max, a jet that was previously grounded by officials for 20 months until last November after two fatal crashes.

Boeing said it was monitoring the situation, and was continuing to coordinate with the FAA and the US National Transportation Safety Board, or NTSB.

“We are aware of reports from Honolulu, Hawaii and are monitoring the situation closely,” Boeing said.

“We are in touch with the NTSB and are working to gather more information.”

This accident is the umpteenth time experienced by a Boeing aircraft manufacturer in 2021. At the beginning of the year, to be precise in January 2021, the Boeing 737-500 aircraft operated by Sriwijaya Air crashed in the Thousand Islands, Indonesia. In that incident, all passengers and crew died.

Then the next crash was experienced by the wide-body Boeing 777 series in February 2021. United flight UA 328 experienced an engine explosion incident during takeoff in Denver, USA. In that incident all passengers survived after the plane was able to return to Denver International Airport. But the wreckage of the machine rained down on all corners of the city.

Not long ago, the Boeing 747 series cargo plane also experienced engine problems after taking off from Maastricht, the Netherlands. In that incident the plane made an emergency landing in Belgium. However, the wreckage of the plane had rained down on another Dutch city, Meerssen.

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