Would Halo Infinite toys have revealed details about the game? News @JVL

Has the wall of secrecy protecting Halo Infinite cracked? There is nothing to confirm it, but the canvas suggests it.

It’s been almost 2 years since Halo Infinite has been announced and we must admit that the future title of 343 Industries has been rather discreet since its presentation at E3 2018.

After this discovery, many imagined a much more important communication for a title considered as the standard bearer of the current and next generation of consoles at Microsoft. However, it could be that things are seriously starting to settle.

Please note the following still ask to be considered taking a step back since it’s just a rumor at the moment.

Now that we have warned you, let’s talk about the cast that this new episode could contain and more specifically, of the enemies who would be far from unknown to fans.

The forums Will stay have indeed relayed a photo that appeared on the Twitter account of Draco720, deleted quickly, but which was saved as often:

As you can see, the latter seems to confirm the return of the Brutes (Les Jiralhanae), which the hero had not faced since Halo 3, but also that of the Gungnir armor as well as adding two new weapons.

So far, the studio has of course not confirmed anything and we will have to stay alert for the next few months to find out more. For now, Halo Infinite is still scheduled for late 2020 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One and PC.

Source: www.resetera.com


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