Worth a Car! This is the cost of interior modification of Alphard Raffi Ahmad Cs


Not only the exterior, the interior of the car is also often modified to make it more comfortable and according to the wishes of the owner. One of the interior modification houses that is trusted to handle cars from artists to important people in Indonesia is Lombardi.

From their creative hands, the already luxurious Toyota Alphard could be even more luxurious. Lombardi was even chosen by Raffi Ahmad, Rachel Venya, and a number of other top artists to revamp the interior of their car.

The Toyota Alphard modified by Lombardi is widely used by artists, officials, and important people in Indonesia. Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang/detikOto

“There are quite a lot of artists, especially at Alphard. Like Raffi Ahmad, Rachel Venya, then Jedar (Jessica Iskandar) there are quite a few more, quite a lot,” said Andrew Laksana, President Director of PT Lombardi Indonesia to detikOto.



For Lombardi, the main purpose of their interior modifications is to increase the ‘class’ of the car and provide a travel experience like in a first class commercial airplane cabin.

“Airplanes are like economy, business, first class. Now, we want to chase the daily ones, not only when you go to London or abroad in first class, but on car days you can also use first class cars, ” continued Andrew.

Lombardi is currently focusing on working on various types of cars, such as the Toyota Alphard, Mercedes-Benz V-Class, to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. But for daily cars, one of the lines they hold the most is Alphard.

Toyota Alphard Modification LombardiToyota Alphard Modified Lombardi Photo: Muhammad Hafizh Gemilang/detikOto

For the Toyota Alphard, there are two modification options that they offer, namely the RSE or Rear Seat Entertainment package and also the Allegra package. Both tend to be the same in terms of entertainment features, but differ in terms of comfort and luxury.

“So the RSE concept is that everything you get at Allegra is there, so you can watch TV, you can watch Netflix on the road. The minus, maybe it’s not as luxurious as Allegra,” said Andrew.

It is evident from the price is quite different. For the modification of the Toyota Alphard with the RSE package, Lombardi sets a starting price of IDR 270 million.

Meanwhile, the Allegra type, which comes with seats only for two passengers, a partition between the driver and passenger, is priced starting from IDR 725 million.

If converted to the price of a car, the modification of the Allegra package, which is chosen by many artists, is almost the price of two Toyota New Kijang Innovas.


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