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Breastfeeding smoothly after cesarean delivery

Nakita.id – Some Moms may worry whether cesarean delivery affect production ABOUT.

It is true that cesarean delivery can complicate some aspects of the treatment especially since the abdominal incision is likely to be painful.

But with the right support and technique, you should be able to breastfeeding with success after cesarean delivery.

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So, how to breastfeed smoothly after cesarean delivery?

Contacted Nakita.id on Monday (5/10/2020), dr. Febriansyah Darus, SpOG (K) Fetomaternal, Obgyn Specialist Doctor Brawijaya Hospital Saharjo, explained this.

“In order for breastfeeding to run smoothly, it is better if you initiate early breastfeeding, do joint care, and often breastfeed the baby immediately even though the milk production is still low,” explained Doctor Febri.

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Doctor Febri then gave tips for smooth breastfeeding after cesarean delivery.

“During pregnancy it is advisable to consume water and eat a good amount of vegetables and fruit so that the quality of breast milk will be good,” suggested doctor Febri.

While being contacted Nakita.id on Wednesday (7/10/2020), dr. Sandy Prasetyo, SpOG, Obgyn Specialist Doctor Brawijaya Hospital Antasari revealed tips for smooth breastfeeding after cesarean delivery.

“So that optimal breastfeeding is influenced by many factors.

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A good psychological condition, optimism, and enthusiasm for breastfeeding are very helpful for success.

Plus a fit physical condition, good nutrition and sufficient quantity, good attachment techniques for babies while breastfeeding, husband and family support also greatly affect the success of breastfeeding, “she explained.

On the other hand, dr. Putri Deva Karimah, Sp.OG, Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist at Pondok Indah Hospital – Pondok Indah, when contacted Nakita.id on Thursday (8/10/2020) also gave tips on smooth breastfeeding after cesarean delivery.

“Breast milk or breast milk is the most important and important nutrition and food for the baby.

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In order for the maximum quality of breast milk, it is important for postpartum mothers to have adequate and healthy nutritional intake, “explained doctor Putri.

Doctor Putri also said that the position of the mother while breastfeeding is also important so that breastfeeding is smooth.

“But what must also be considered is the position of the mother and the baby is comfortable and correct during the breastfeeding process.

This sounds very easy, but if the baby is in the wrong position while breastfeeding, of course the milk cannot be sucked properly, “he explained.

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Not to forget the doctor Putri advised Moms to do more often skin contact with your little one.

“You can also try to make more frequent skin contact with your baby (skin to skin).

Touching a baby’s skin can stimulate oxytocin and prolactin, which are involved in milk production. It is likely that the milk will be released more smoothly, “said Doctor Putri.

Doctor Putri also revealed other ways to facilitate breastfeeding:

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– Help with a pump ABOUT to stimulate ABOUT out more

– Compress with a warm towel if the breasts feel hard and sore. If the breasts feel soft for the baby baby, maka si baby can suck well

– Manage stress properly so as not to affect the amount of production ABOUT.

– Don’t forget to eat nutritious food and can be helped by taking vitamins or booster adder ABOUT recommended by doctors

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