World’s strongest Munich’killed’ by Jae-sung Lee

Lee Jae-sung (right) and Holstein Kiel’s players cheer after defeating Bayern Munich in the second round of Fokal of the German Football Association held on the 14th (Korea time). Lee Jae-sung succeeded in the penalty shoot-out. [EPA=연합뉴스]

“Brother, I will lose. I don’t know how many generations.”

Germany FA Cup 32nd round penalty shootout
Munich, Europe’s strongest with three crowns last year
Lee succeeds as the fourth kicker in penalty shootout
After signing in June, transfer to FA is expected

German Bundesliga 2 (Part 2) Holstein Kill Lee Jae-seong, 29, joked to his older brother Jae-hyuk Lee: This is a call before the 2nd round (final of 32) of the German Football Association (DFB) Focal (Germany FA Cup) in the 2020-21 season held on the 14th.

It was worth talking about, as the opponent was Germany, or even Bayern Munich, the world‘s strongest. Munich is the’Treble’ (three crowns) team that won the Bundesliga (Part 1), European Champions League and Focal last season. This season, he aims to win the league for 9 consecutive years. It is also the most winning team of Focal (20 times).

Such Munich was defeated by Holstein Kiel of the second division. After a 2-2 draw until overtime, he won the penalty shootout 6-5. European media described Kiel’s victory as’kieling’. It is a compound word of’Holstein kiel’ and’Giant killing’. It means the odds that the weak catches the strong. It was 17 years after Munich lost to the second division Alemania Aachen in the quarterfinals of the 2003-04 season when they were caught by the lower league team at Focal.

Holstein Kiel Lee Jae-seong (right) leads the victory against Bayern Munich. [사진 홀슈타인 킬 인스타그램]

Holstein Kiel Lee Jae-seong (right) leads the victory against Bayern Munich. [사진 홀슈타인 킬 인스타그램]

Jaehyuk Lee (CEO of SJ Sports) said, “When the round of 32 was announced, the Kiel players were desperate, thinking only of’Who will exchange uniforms with Munich?’ But I won. (Lee) Jae-seong said he was confused immediately after the game, saying,’What is this?’ The Munich players left the stadium immediately, and Jae-seong couldn’t change his uniform.” “Munich has been raising the whole line a lot recently. So, he said he was aiming for the back space after pressing hard.”

Kiel gave the opening goal to Serge Nabri in the 14th minute, but Bartels scored 1-1 in the 37th minute. He conceded by Leroy Sane in the second half and was dragged back, but he tied the score 2-2 with a heading goal from Hauke ​​in 5 minutes. Jaesung Lee started with’Fake No. 9’in the 4-1-4-1 formation. In the 38th minute of the first half, he penetrated the back space and shook the net, but was declared offside. In fact, it was selected as the target of the opponent’s alert before the game.

There was a blizzard in the stadium on this day. In the 11th minute of the second half of the extra time when the five replacement cards were exhausted, Lee Jae-seong and Van Den Berg in Kiel collapsed from a leg cramp. German Bilt said, “The two players lie on the cold ground with their faces distorted. With 116 minutes of dedication, the bridge was silent. Lee Jae-sung came out as a penalty shootout kicker and became a hero with a confident shooting.”

Holstein Kill Lee Jae-sung tricks Neuer and makes a kick in a penalty shootout. [사진 이재성 인스타그램]

Holstein Kill Lee Jae-sung tricks Neuer and makes a kick in a penalty shootout. [사진 이재성 인스타그램]

Lee Jae-seong was the fourth kicker in the penalty shootout. He shook the net with an accurate left footed shot. Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer, deceived by the fake motion, flew in the opposite direction. Lee Jae-seong, who was the national team member, enjoyed a 2-0 victory in the 2018 Russia World Cup Korea-Germany, and the opposing goalkeeper was Neuer at the time. Lee Jae-seong meets Baek Seung-ho’s Darmstadt (Part 2) in the round of 16.

Jaehyuk Lee said, “Kill’s victory is big news in Germany. There was also a dark prospect when Jaesung (Lee) left the K-League Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2018 and entered Europe. But I proved little by little that I could do well in the first part.” Kill was first in the first half of the second division and is currently third. Jaesung Lee is recording 5 goals and 2 assists. Fans call it’Liebling’ after his last name. It means’my love’ in German.

Jaesung Lee is long-haired these days. Local beauty salons have been shut down due to Corona 19. I have grown it since the end of 2019, but I can’t cut it. I also hear that my hairstyle is like an octopus. At the end of the away game, there are times when they travel by bus for 7 and a half hours in the morning and eat a hamburger.

Jaesung Lee’s contract ends in June of this year. After that, the team can be transferred as a free agent (FA) without a transfer fee. Hamburg (Germany) offered a transfer fee of 3 million euros (4 billion won) in the summer of last year, but the opposite team remained. Fans wait to see Lee Jae-sung fluttering his long hair in the first part, who destroyed the giant Munich.

Reporter Park Lin [email protected]

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