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The Shadowlands World of Warcraft expansion will be released on November 24. Blizzard has been saying the endgame For example, the developer has ‘thoroughly tweaked’ the battles and rewards in the Maw zone. Blizzard also shows a new trailer.

In addition to the Maw zone, Blizzard has also tackled the Covenant system, writes the developer. Covenants are creatures that live in four of the new zones and give the player two spells that work zone-specific. Blizzard does not say in concrete terms what it has adapted to the system, but the choice of the player must now have more impact and clearer long-term goals must be created for the player.

Of developer suggested the Shadowlands expansion earlier this month to ‘later this year’. The developer said he should improve the endgame based on feedback from the players. Thus the game would be out of balance. Originally the game should have been released on October 27th.

Shadowlands, the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft, changes the class system and introduces new factions, dungeons in raids added. The new zones of Revendreth, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus and Bastion are home to the Covenant creatures. The endgame takes place in the Maw zone. Tweakers wrote a preview of the Shadowlands expansion in November 2019. Shadowlands appears on the night of November 23-24 at midnight.

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