[World Now] Awakening from the ‘Chinese dream’ with the World Cup

Baidu search word ranking on the morning of the 25th

As of 10:00 am on the 25th, of the top 8 search terms on Baidu, half of them are related to the World Cup, including the hashtag Portugal beat Ghana 3-2. Since the opening of the World Cup in Qatar, China has gone football crazy. Even though the Chinese team did not make it to the finals, there is more interest than any other country in the world.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

Qatar’s Lusail Stadium built by Chinese state-owned enterprises [출처: 인민일보]

China’s World Cup fever… But “Why don’t you wear a mask?”

State media are touting that Lusail Stadium, where the World Cup finals will be held, was built by a Chinese state-owned company, and that 1,500 electric cars and Chinese pandas have arrived in Qatar for the World Cup, and that c ‘is a ‘Chinese element’. Billboards in the stadium will display leading Chinese companies such as Meng Niu, Vivo and Wanda Group. It’s ridiculous that all the players except the Chinese went to the World Cup in Qatar, but it can be seen that China is trying to show its presence in this World Cup.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

Ads for Chinese companies featured in World Cup matches [출처: 웨이보]

However, this World Cup has raised a serious issue for the Chinese people. Just like the Saudis were asking “Where is Messi?” after winning the match against Argentina, the question is “Where’s Corona?”

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

(Left) Weibo users who were surprised to see so many maskless spectators (Right) A contrasting picture of the World Cup and the Chinese reality [출처: 웨이보, 트위터]

“We are in quarantine while the whole world cheers for the World Cup”

A post published on Weibo with a video of the packed crowd read, “How do I explain to Ai that people don’t wear masks? I can’t help but say that the virus has gone on vacation.”

“I don’t understand football very well, but when I watch the World Cup video, I get emotional. But when I come back to reality and watch the news, I get annoyed again. Corona die!”

“We now have to accept that the virus continues to reside on this planet. Other places on this planet have already accepted that.”

“The whole world watches the World Cup. We line up for PCR tests. The whole world watches football. We quarantine. The whole world shouts. We make sure we wear our masks every day.”

A netizen posted a photo of spectators wearing Abaya, the traditional Qatari attire, and left a humorous comment: “The coronavirus situation in Qatar must be serious. All the people in the audience are ‘Dabai’ (referring to the Chinese quarantine officers), yes “I did.

Looking at these reactions, you can see that many Chinese people who thought “zero crown” was the best way for three years are experiencing a group “mental breakdown” during the World Cup.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

A Weibo post ridiculing the corona situation appears to be serious because Qatar viewers are all quarantined workers

“On what basis can we eliminate COVID-19?” fundamental question

To prove this, an open letter to Chinese quarantine authorities titled Ten Questions (十問) was released online. In the question: “No one was wearing a mask at the World Cup in Qatar and I never felt that PCR testing was needed.” Is the planet we live on different or is the corona virus avoiding them?’ Also, “What influenza virus has historically been extinguished by humans?” On what basis can COVID-19 be eliminated?’, ‘The vast majority of people have received the Corona 19 vaccine three or more times, but why are they infected? Does it work?’, ‘You said Omicron mutations are non-lethal, so why control non-lethal diseases?’ etc. following.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

10 questions to the quarantine authorities that have spread online in China

This article was deleted immediately, but many Chinese people began to wonder “why”. It’s also the most baffling question for the authorities. China has been arguing for three years that the medical gap between regions is large and there are many poor places, so when an epidemic spreads, the damage is out of control. At the same time, no effort has been made to improve the medical conditions. This is because all manpower and resources have been poured into PCR testing. As criticisms emerge about what the heck has been done in three years, the defense authorities’ argument is losing persuasion.

Easing the quarantine policy and increasing the number of confirmed cases… “Chaos” of chaos

China’s State Council announced 20 measures on the 11th, advocating scientific and precision quarantine. The measures included a policy to facilitate the quarantine of foreign arrivals. On the 25th, the number of confirmed cases in China reached an all-time high of 31,987. Because there have been so few confirmed cases in China, there have been almost no deaths from Corona 19, but after the first death in six months on the 20th, more and more have been added. Beijing, which has been trying to respond to central quarantine measures, is making a U-turn with a strong containment policy as the death toll climbs. In addition to the suspension of school attendance, eating in restaurants was banned and all housing facilities such as gyms and beauty salons were closed. In China, there are students who are about to finish school without being able to see who their teacher is or who their classmates are, and there are self-employed people who spew resentment with resentment in their hearts.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

Blocked apartment. The time to exit the building is for PCR testing only.

The building next to the apartment in Wangjing, Beijing, where I live, where the confirmed patient came out was locked down last week, and the building where I live (because it’s right next door) was suddenly locked down. There were no confirmed cases in a resident group’s chat window, mentioning the State Council’s precision quarantine, but protest messages were posted asking why the lockdown was being done, but there was no response from the committee resident. Concerns about the total lockdown have led to supermarket hoardings, and as demand for delivery workers has soared, Koreans have appealed saying it is difficult to deliver food materials.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

Another Foxconn riot in Zhengzhou city. Foxconn acknowledged that there had been violence but did not provide details.

[World Now]    Awakening from the 'Chinese dream' with the World Cup

Peasant workers in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, where the riots broke out, are sleeping on the streets because they have nowhere to go after entering the quarantine facility.

Another riot has broken out at Foxconn, the world’s largest iPhone manufacturing plant in Zhengzhou, China, over management’s failure to deliver on promises to improve treatment. In the video, people are like, “Where the hell is the reporter?” I ask. In Haizhu district, where more than 90,000 people have been sent to quarantine facilities due to the coronavirus, people released from the facility are roaming the streets as homeless without being able to enter sealed houses. A man protesting the quarantine policy was kicked by a quarantine officer. With the limits of patience being revealed in various parts of China, attention is turning to whether this World Cup in Qatar will serve as an opportunity to spill oil.

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