World Mental Health Day .. A good night’s sleep helps relieve stress

Today coincides with the celebration of World Mental Health Day under the theme “Investing in Mental Health“, so it is important to recognize that sound sleep is important to keep stress, anxiety and depression out of your life.

If you suffer from any mental disorder, according to a site report ThehealthsiteThis may affect your mood and behavior, and the goal of this day is to create awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilize efforts to support mental health.

With the impact of the pandemic on normal life as we know it, many people are finding it increasingly difficult to “stop” and focus on good health, including mental health. World Mental Health Day is an excellent reminder of raising awareness of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle despite the stress caused by the loss of jobs, income and security due to the pandemic. Sleep is one of the victims of the current pandemic, and it is very important for mental health.

How sleep improves your mental health

A good night’s sleep improves your neurocognitive functions such as judgment, memory, the ability to focus and innovate, all of this improves the balance between your work and your life, keeps your mind fresh, improves your self-confidence and ultimately leads to a lifestyle free from stress and depression, so the first step to having a healthy mind is Relaxing body and mind.

Globally, several studies have demonstrated that depression and stress are linked to an inappropriate sleep cycle or sleep disturbance such as sleep apnea.

today in World Mental Health Day , Mental health practitioners share tips for a good night’s sleep and highlight various pharmacological and non-pharmacological approaches to treating sleep-related disorders that will help you get a good night’s sleep.

Coping with sleep apnea

If you think you have a sleep disorder like insomnia or a lesser known disorder like restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea, you should contact a sleep specialist.

Sleep apnea is a medical condition that causes you to stop breathing for a few seconds at night due to the over-relaxation of the throat muscles. This condition obstructs the flow of air through the upper airway, which disrupts your sleep cycles. With this disorder, you tend to wake up tired in the morning. Even after sleeping for 8 hours.

Apnea treatment options

There are many pharmacological and non-drug treatments that you can take to get relief. Positive airway pressure therapy (PAP) is:PAPThe most effective pharmacotherapy for sleep apnea works by creating an “air splint” for the upper airway, which prevents the soft tissues in the upper airway from narrowing and collapsing.

With the device, you can inhale an appropriate amount of air to keep the upper airways and lungs open, which prevents respiratory arrest and leads to healthy sleep.

But if you want to make the non-pharmacological option, then you must make some healthy lifestyle changes such as maintaining body weight, reducing alcohol and smoking, and trying yoga and other exercises regularly can help with a proper sleep regime

Tips to overcome sleep problems and enjoy good mental health

Psychiatrists share some tips that will help you sleep better at night, to stay away from any kind of mental disorder.

  • Maintaining a sleep regime with consistent sleep and wake times helps regulate your biological clock and make sure you sleep consistently for enough hours.

  • Relax before bed.Relaxation exercises such as meditation can help you sleep well. Make sure to do these exercises away from bright light and avoid activities that cause stress or anxiety.

  • Avoid bright light before bed – By nature, humans are more likely to feel sleepy with reduced brightness, also try to expose yourself to bright sunlight during the day

  • Avoid caffeinated drinks or smoking, as they delay your sleep.

  • Avoid using cell phones and televisions LED And others, which emit blue lights and high-intensity activities at least one hour before bedtime.


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