World Health Organization: About 1 billion people suffer from mental disorders

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – October 10 marks World Mental Health Day, and this day this year comes at a time when the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has changed our daily lives very dramatically.

The new Corona virus pandemic has brought many challenges to people around the world, and this is reflected among health care workers who work under difficult conditions, and students who were forced to complete their studies from a distance, to individuals who have fallen into poverty, according to the organization.

They die 10 years or more earlier than others

About one billion people suffer from mental disorders, and the organization stressed that anyone, anywhere can be affected by it.

Depression is a major cause of illness and disability among teens and adults.

And people with severe mental disorders, such as schizophrenia, often die 10 or 20 years before the general population.

In addition to the unavailability of mental health services for all of those affected, stigma, discrimination and human rights violations of the injured remain widespread.

You need to invest

“Action for mental health: Let’s invest in it” is the slogan for this year’s campaign, according to the World Health Organization.

This year’s campaign is based on the concept that although mental health has received increasing global attention in recent years, the investments made in this area have not been commensurate with this concern.

The organization noted that relatively few people have access to quality mental health services.

On average, countries spend less than 2% of their national health budgets on mental health.

In low- and middle-income countries, more than 75% of people with mental illnesses receive no treatment for their condition at all.


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