World Health Day 2021: for a fairer and healthier world

World Health Day is an international day dedicated to the promotion of health. It is celebrated each year on April 7 to mark the anniversary of the creation of the World Health Organization (WHO), and provides an opportunity to mobilize action around a public health theme that concerns the whole world. . Each year an awareness campaign is in the spotlight. This year, WHO is leading a campaign on the theme: For a fairer and healthier world AUF, alongside its members and partners, is committed to this challenge. Find some actions carried out by AUF.

A new network to develop excellent public health practices in the French-speaking world

In March 2021, a new network bringing together schools of public health was launched: the network of French-speaking public health establishments (REFESP). This network was created at the initiative of the Rennes School of Public Health Studies (EHESP) with the support of AUF. Today, bringing together establishments from 11 countries, its objective is the development of excellent public health practices in the French-speaking world, recognized worldwide.

Discover the article on the creation of REFESP

A cycle of webinars on the health of women, girls and newborns with FéFOG (French-speaking Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

FéFOG (French-speaking Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecology) in partnership with AUF and with the International Conference of Deans and Faculties of French-Speaking Medicine (CIDMEF), a member network of AUF, launched in January 2021 a webinar exchange program on the theme “Together for the health of women, girls and newborns”. Eminent experts from different geographical regions (sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, Europe, North America, Middle East) participate in the scientific animation as speaker or moderator.

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Next meeting: April 28, 2021 at 2:30 p.m. GMT, webinar on the theme “Violence against women and girls”, with the participation of Professor Denis MUKWEGE, Gynecologist-Obstetrician, Nobel Peace Prize 2018. Register to watch the live webinar.

An online conference program dedicated to COVID-19 in partnership with the International Conference of Deans of Faculties of Medicine of French Expression (CIDMEF)

In April 2020, AUF and the International Conference of Deans of French-Speaking Faculties of Medicine (CIDMEF) launched an online conference cycle to help French-speaking faculties of medicine deal with the pandemic. A total of 17 webinars were held between April 2020 and March 2021. These webinars were free and open to everyone. Specialists from Canada, Côte d’Ivoire, France, Gabon, Senegal, Switzerland and Tunisia intervened. The conferences are available on the AUF YouTube channel.

Check out the webinars: COVID-19: CIDMEF online conferences

A cycle of webinars offered in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur

The AUF is associated with a series of webinars set up by the Association of Former Students of the Institut Pasteur (AAEIP) in collaboration with the Department of Education of the Institut Pasteur. The next webinar will be held on Thursday, April 8, 2021 on the topic “Managing snakebite envenomation in low- and middle-income countries”.

Participate in the Public Health webinar: Managing snakebite envenomation in low- and middle-income countries

A WHO webinar on the French language and the fight against COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) organized a webinar on March 18, 2021 on the theme “Let’s fight COVID-19: The French language can save lives”. The AUF participated in this event.

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Discover the webinar on YouTube

92 projects supported by AUF around the world to help health systems and populations cope with the health crisis

As part of its action plan to fight COVID-19, the AUF funded in June 2020 92 projects carried out by students, engineering students and young researchers from .es of its member establishments. The objective was to accompany the response of the university community to the pandemic and to support the development of solutions with immediate technological and / or social impact to help health systems and populations to face the health crisis.

Find the 92 projects supported by AUF

As a continuation of this action, the AUF in the Americas will present on April 22, 2021, as part of a webinar, 3 projects supported by the AUF.

Take part in the webinar: Combating the pandemic and its effects, examples of projects supported by AUF in the Americas

Go to the site of WHO

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