World Health Celebrates Mental Health Day .. Has Corona affected your mental state?

The world celebrates World Mental Health Day, on October 10 of each year, as it gives an opportunity to increase awareness of mental health issues, and mobilize efforts to support it in light of the spread of the Corona virus that struck many countries of the world, which led to a lot of depression and anxiety.

The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean, through its Twitter account: “On World Mental Health Day this year, do not miss a follow-up.:The Global Online Event (The Grand Event) on Mental Health Advocacy and Awareness: October 10, The Virtual Walk for Mental Health: October 9-10 and the Great Celebration. “

Global Health celebrates the World Respiratory Health Day with a virtual global event

The World Health Organization stated, on its official website, that this year the World Mental Health Day, which is held on October 10, comes at a time when our daily life has changed significantly as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

She added, “The past months have brought with them many challenges for health care workers who provide care in difficult circumstances and go to work with fear of carrying” Covid-19 “with them when they return home; and students who have had to adapt to attending classes. At home, limited contact with teachers and friends, and they are concerned about their future. “

In addition to the huge number of people who have fallen into poverty or who live in fragile humanitarian environments and lack protection from COVID-19, she added; And people with mental health conditions, many of them suffer from social isolation more than before.

The World Health Organization noted that, based on the experience gained from past emergencies, it is expected that the need for support in the field of mental health will increase significantly in the coming months and years. For this reason, the goal of this year’s World Mental Health Day campaign is to increase investment in mental health..


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