World Cup Cameroon-Serbia, who can win Serbia-Cameroon?

At 18:00 on November 28 Beijing time, in the second round of Group G of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, Cameroon will face Serbia, so who will Cameroon win against Serbia? The following editor shares the analysis of the results of the World Cup match between Cameroon and Serbia.

Qatar World Cup 2022 – Who will win Cameroon vs Serbia

Cameroon team

The “African lions” advance hard

After 8 years of absence from the World Cup, the Cameroonian team of the “African Lions” is back. The Cameroon team has advanced to the World Cup finals 7 times in history and is the first African team to reach the World Cup quarter-finals. He has won the African Cup of Nations 5 times. But in recent years, Cameroon’s football strength has declined. Their last two World Cup finals have been in 2010 and 2014, but they have lost all six of their group matches.

The path of the Cameroonian team towards the World Cup in Qatar also had many difficulties. In the away match against Algeria, with Ekambi’s goal after extra time, they upset their opponents 2-1 and eventually went through with the away goal lead.

The coach of the Cameroon team is their legendary old captain Rigobert Song. Captain Abu Bakar is currently playing in the Saudi league, he knows the West Asian climate and environment very well, and will provide helpful tips for the team. Goalkeeper Onana, who plays for Inter, has a first-rate response and is good at scoring points. Another star worthy of attention is Shupo Moting, who is in full swing at Bayern and has scored 10 goals in 14 games this season.

However, if the Cameroon team wants to qualify, they must first overcome the two obstacles of the Serbian team and the Swiss team, but they have never won a European team at the World Cup since the 1990 World Cup.


The former Chinese Super League head coach is responsible for coaching

The players of this Serbian team are tall and are good at using their height advantage to score headers: they have scored 6 headers in 8 World Cup preliminaries.

In the World Cup preliminaries, Serbia will be in a group with Portugal, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan and Ireland. In the first 7 games, Portugal and Serbia have the same 17 points, finishing first and second respectively. In the final round, the Portuguese team faced Serbia head-on. In the 90th minute of the game, Tadic from the Serbian team made a cross from the right, and Mitrovic, who was unmarked at the back point, scored a header. .

In today’s Serbian squad, 26-year-old midfielder Milinkovic who plays for Serie A club Lazio is the core of the squad, which is worth €60m. In 2013 and 2015 he led the team to victory in the U19 European Championship and the U20 World Cup. In Serie A this season he played 18 times for Lazio, scoring 5 goals and providing 7 assists. Even Vlahovic, 1.90 tall, is a great offensive weapon of the team: although he is only 22 years old, his assets have exceeded 80 million euros. During his career with Juventus this season, he has played 15 games and scored 8 goals. He also scored 4 goals for Serbia in World Cup qualifiers. There are also many players on this team who have played in the big five leagues and the overall strength shouldn’t be underestimated.

The head coach of the team is Dragan Stojkovic, an old acquaintance of Chinese Super League fans and who coached Guangzhou City Club of Chinese Super League for nearly five years. He took charge of the Serbian national team in March 2021. Since taking charge, he has a record of 13 wins, 4 draws and 3 losses.

In group G, in front of “Samba Army”, “Swiss Army Knife” and “African Lions”, the kind of performance that the “Balkan White Eagles” can do is exciting. (Source: Beijing Evening News reporter Zhuo Ran)

Cameroon vs Serbia match preview analysis

In the first round of the group stage, both teams lost. Although 43rd ranked Cameroon in the world lost 0:1 to 15th ranked Switzerland, they were not at a disadvantage in the arena, with 8 shots and 5 shots on goal all ahead of their opponents. What the team lacks is a sharper front line and a key man who can turn the lead into victory.

In the first match against world-dominant Brazil, the 21st-ranked Serbian team is basically in a passive defensive position, and it is difficult to fully show its capabilities. In fact, most of the players in the Serbian team come from the five major leagues, and there is no shortage of key players from the top giants clubs. In the European qualifiers, they knocked out the strong Portuguese team and advanced strongly as first in the group.

As the two teams were ranked lowest in the world in this group and lost in the first game, the winner of this battle may not be able to advance to the top 16, but the loser is very likely to be out of the group at the bottom of the group. Therefore, a tough battle is inevitable.

Judging by the performance of the first game, as the first African team to break through in the quarterfinals of the World Cup, the Cameroon team is recovering. The Serbian team has also improved from their previous strength, and the two teams are expected to be in the middle of a draw. However, the “Balkan eagle” with more balanced overall strength and more delicate techniques and tactics may be able to fly higher. (Source: China News Network, reporter Wang Zumin)

Responsible editor: Zeng Shaolin

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