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And more about football. The World Cup continues in Qatar. Skeptics are put to shame, because gloomy predictions do not come true. The matches go to feast for the eyes, there are enough goals in abundance and the fans behave extremely positively. Here are some other brief news from the planetary championship.

Former midfielder of the Russian national team and Manchester United Andrey Kanchelskis commented on the protest action of the German national team before the match of the first group round of the World Cup in Qatar with Japan.

The Bundesteam players, posing for a team photo before kick-off, covered their mouths with their hands, similarly expressing “a protest against the ban on wearing the rainbow captain’s armband during the tournament” . As a result, the team Hans Dieter Flick lost 1-2, conceding two goals in the last 15 minutes of the match.

“The football god will punish the German national team for their political antics. Footballers at the World Cup should only think about football. If their heads are busy with this rainbow-bandaged show, they shouldn’t expect anything good. – Kanchelskis said as he snapped.


Brazil striker Neymar spoke about the injury sustained in the match with Serbia, as a result of which he will miss the matches of the second and third rounds of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar against Switzerland and Cameroon.

“I can’t explain the pride and love I feel when I wear this shirt. If God gave me the opportunity to choose a country for my birth, it would be Brazil.

Nothing in my life has been easy, I always had to achieve my dreams and goals. She never meant to hurt anyone, but she helped those in need.

Today was one of the most difficult moments of my career. Again I have an injury at the World Championships. Yes, it’s annoying, it hurts like hell, but I’m sure I’ll have the chance to come back because I’ll do my best to help my country, my teammates and myself.” Neymar wrote on social media.


Former striker of Spartak, Lokomotiv and Brazilian Krasnodar Ari speculated about how the Russian team would perform in Qatar:

“Undoubtedly the Russian team would have left the group at the World Cup in Qatar, I have no doubts. This World Cup has shown that both weak and strong teams lose. Football is an unpredictable sport. After the 2018 World Cup, Russia got stronger. I’m sure Karpin’s team would have reached the semifinals in Qatar.

I have not seen the games against Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, I have only seen the final score. Valery Karpin one of the best coaches in Russia. I’m happy that you coach the national team and encourage young people. His work in Rostov is top notch, an amazing achievement ”.

And the legendary former goalkeeper of the Italian national team Gianluigi Buffon admired Iran’s 2-0 victory over Wales.

“You will be remembered for your courage. This victory is a sign of hope and strength for those who are fighting for freedom in your country. For many you are heroes, for me an example, Buffon wrote on social media.

According to Sport24, Iranian fans booed the country’s anthem at the start of the World Cup. They also said they would not support the national team if the players did not respond to what was happening in the country. The players, in turn, did not sing the anthem before the match against England.


Fans clad in chainmail, with plastic swords and shields bearing the cross of St. George, will be barred from entering El Bayte Stadium, which will host the second round of the group stage of the 2022 World Cup between England and the United States today, according to the times.

“Crusaders”. Illustration: “Sport24”

“Crusader customs in an Arab context can be offensive to Muslims”, – said the International Football Federation.

Anti-discrimination group Kick It Out has also advised fans not to wear costumes depicting knights or crusaders, reminiscent of the religious wars fought by Christians against Muslims in the Middle Ages.

Earlier, a video circulated on social networks in which local stewards did not allow two fans dressed in crusader costumes into the stadium.

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