[Sports Road News]The “Hong Kong World Pool Masters 2022” will be held at the Hong Kong Coliseum starting tomorrow (6th). Hong Kong player Fu Jiajun posted on social media this morning (5th), claiming he spent 1 hour explaining to foreign players how to use “Safe Travel”. Additionally, “Rocket” Ronnie O’Sullivan said in an interview that it is his responsibility to comply with the epidemic prevention regulations of various places and joked that a number of epidemic prevention restrictions may help him focus on racing. .

Chuan Jiajun (right) will face Shabi (left) in the opening match.Chuan Jiajun (right) will face Shabi (left) in the opening match.

Chuan Jiajun (right) will face Shabi (left) in the opening match.

Hong Kong will hold a world-class billiards event after 5 years and will invite the 6 best male global players to come to Hong Kong to showcase their skills, including O’Sullivan, Mark Selby, John Higgins, Judd Trump) and Neil Robertson visit Hong Kong again after a lapse of 5 years. Also on the list is rising Chinese star Zhao Xintong. Hong Kong will send Fu Jiajun and “Four Eyes to the Queen” Wu Anyi to attack home.

Fu JiajunFu Jiajun

Fu Jiajun



Although the government has implemented the “0 + 3” quarantine for tourists arriving in Hong Kong, the “Safe Travel” app is still required to enter the listed venues and vaccine pass provisioning is required and many golfers are required. ‘overseas they are not. exception. Fu Jiajun posted on social media this morning, saying he spent nearly an hour explaining how to use “Travel with Peace of Mind” to O’Sullivan, Higgins, Shabi and Zhuo Limpu, and the post also sparked echo.

In an interview at the press conference, Fu Jiajun said with a smile that he explained Hong Kong’s outbreak prevention policy to a group of golfers and found that there were loopholes in Shabby’s use. of “Traveling with peace of mind”: “Mark said he had been issued a blue code two days after he arrived in Hong Kong, but in reality it should be a yellow code and everyone remembered that in the early days of epidemic two years ago, everyone had to wear masks and said they couldn’t wait to come to Hong Kong to compete every year. “



7-time world champion O’Sullivan said that in order to ensure regular participation, it is the responsibility of individuals to abide by outbreak prevention regulations in various places: “Although the UK is back to normal, there are still strict restrictions in some parts of Asia, which I have to respect. Otherwise golfers can’t play smoothly and that’s not a problem for me. ” O’Sullivan said with a smile that this would make him play with more respect: “I like these rules, and sometimes I get distracted by a lot of things, so maybe this is the biggest benefit of the epidemic prevention restrictions.” As for the current world’s “second brother”, Zhuo Linpu said that as Hong Kong’s epidemic prevention regulations are gradually relaxed, he is looking forward to continuing to stay and visit the city after the game.

Match order
Top 8:
1. Sabie VS Fu Jiajun (October 6, 1:30 pm)
2. Robertson VS Zhao Xintong (6 October at 19:00)
3. Zolymp VS Higgins (October 7, 1:30 pm)
4. Osu Liyun VS Wu Anyi (7 October at 19:00)

Top 4:
Winner of 1 VS Winner of 3 (October 8 at 13:30)
Winner of 2 VS Winner of 4 (October 8 at 19:00)

Image and text: Li Zizheng

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