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Every December 20th, it is celebrated as World AIDS Day. Of course, this is a moment that reminds all people about the importance of HIV prevention in Indonesia. Currently the HIV prevention in Tanah AIr is still worrying. In fact, Indonesia is still one of the countries with the lowest response to achieving outcomes in HIV control in the world.

Executive Director of the Indonesia AIDS Coalition, Aditya Wardhana, said based on the data obtained, many friends of people living with HIV AIDS (PLWHA) still feel healthy. In fact, HIV attacks the immune system for a long time. At first nothing will happen, but later there will be a drastic and rapid decline in health.

“Based on our spectrum, although the number has decreased, our data spectrum continues to increase. As a result, PLWHA sufferers have died, ”said Aditya in the Press Conference for World AIDS DAY 2020: Auto-Pilot AIDS Prevention. The country failed to achieve the 90-90-90 target, Monday (30/11/2020).

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Furthermore, Aditya said that the HIV death rate in Indonesia is equivalent to South Sudan which is currently experiencing a crisis of civil war. Of course this is very worrying, considering that Indonesia is one of the developing countries that is quite good in the health sector.

“This should be an incident that slapped us, because the death rate of PLWHA in Indonesia is still high. This is equivalent to countries in Africa whose health systems are not well developed. So we have to do a more comprehensive analysis, “he concluded.


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