World AIDS Day 1 December, this is the theme for this year’s celebration


Every December 1 is always commemorated as World AIDS Day. This year, it is commemorated on Wednesday (1/12/2021).

The aim of World AIDS Day is to raise awareness of the dangers of HIV/AIDS and to ensure that everyone has equal access to prevention, testing, treatment and care for this disease.

Quoted from WHO, the theme World AIDS Day 2021 is ‘End inequality. End AIDS’. The focus is on reaching people around the world who are still less aware of the dangers of this disease.

Data from the WHO shows that an estimated 36 million people worldwide are living with HIV, 680 thousand people will die from the disease, and 1.5 million new cases in 2020.

One of the characteristics of AIDS is that it is contagious. For example, through sexual intercourse, sharing needles.

So, by regularly commemorating World AIDS Day The hope is that it can continue to reduce the number of cases of this infection and raise the awareness of many people.

Quoted from the United States CDC, here are some ways that can be done to prevent HIV / AIDS:

  • Protect yourself during sexual intercourse, for example by using a condom.
  • Protect yourself when receiving drugs in the form of injections, for example by not sharing needles and syringes.
  • Prevent transmission from mother to baby by means, for example, by undergoing antiviral therapy during pregnancy.
  • Undergo PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) or preventative therapy for those at risk for HIV.
  • Perform PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) which is therapy that is intended if a person has recently been exposed to this possible infection, which is 72 hours after exposure.

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