‘Working feature to hide when online on WhatsApp’ | Financial

There was already criticism about the existence of the function, where everyone can see when he or she is online at that moment. You can now always see that in a chat with a specific person. It simply says ‘Online’ under his name. Messaging service WhatsApp seems to be responding to the privacy critics by giving the option to hide this. At least that’s what the WhatsApp experts of the usually reliable website claim WABetainfo.

The feature is not yet in WhatsApp, nor in beta software from the company, which is owned by Meta, but WABetainfo reports that it is being worked on behind the scenes. The feature would be available for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS. After a recent update, it is already possible to hide your profile and ‘last seen’ status from specific people or everyone. If you don’t share your status yourself, you can’t see that of others either.

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