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Workers from Bodetabek to Jakarta must bring a letter of assignment

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Head of Jakarta Satpol PP Arifin said workers from the Bodetabek area must carry a letter of assignment if they are based in the Capital City. Arifin said a letter of assignment from the company’s leadership was needed for an official trip.

“The principle gini… in SIKM, there are 3 categories that are regulated. If he is a person working, if he wants to go there must be a letter of assignment from the head of the company. Included in the framework of carrying out their duties. So if there is, we will see, is it true that he is an employee in that company and is in the context of carrying out his duties. It could also be that our employees work in Jakarta, maybe they live in another city in Bogor or either in Serang, right? Yes, it is equipped with an assignment letter, perhaps from the head of the sub-district or echelon 2 village which states that the person concerned is a duty, that is if it is a civil servant. However, if it is a company, then the leadership issues the letter of assignment. Apart from that, the general public must take care of SIKM, “said Arifin at the DKI Jakarta City Hall, Jl Medan Merdeka Selatan, Central Jakarta, Friday (7/5/2021).

Arifin said that as long as there is a ban on going home, then the mobilization of workers in DKI requires a letter of assignment.

“Yes, because of duty. Indeed, on duty. Can be from various state-owned companies. Such a letter must be from the company leadership,” he explained.

In this mass homecoming ban, Satpol PP will also carry out strict supervision at tourist sites and shopping centers. This is because the tourism sector is still allowed to operate during the local homecoming ban.

“We see now that there is a possibility that during this Eid al-Fitr people will be prohibited from going home, there may be places that become targets for them to gather, for example tourist objects. This is also the task of Satpol PP to supervise. tourist attractions during Eid day or after Eid. Then at the mall, it may be a target for families to use their spare time to go to the mall, “he said.

Arifin highlighted these two points because of the frequent crowds. Therefore, his party will intensify monitoring of the COVID-19 health protocol during the enactment of the local homecoming ban.

“This mall too, yesterday we had a meeting with mall managers to ensure that all the mall health protocols are actually running. Because in the mall there is already a handling task force so people enter, there is a body temperature check and the limit is still 50%,” he explained .

Previously, the government announced that local homecoming in agglomeration areas was prohibited. Nonmudic activities in the area continue to operate without any isolation.

“However, activities other than homecoming in a regency / city or agglomeration area, especially in essential sectors, will continue to operate without any kind of isolation, for the sake of smoothing regional socio-economic activities,” said the spokesperson for the Task Force for COVID-19 Handling Prof. Wiku Adisasmito. press release, Thursday (6/5/2021).

Wiku asked the public to understand the policy of prohibiting homecoming which had been socialized previously. Strictly speaking, continued Wiku, the government prohibits Lebaran homecoming activities, regardless of form, both across provinces and within one agglomeration district / city.

“The goal is to prevent the maximum physical interaction that is the way the virus transmits from one person to another,” he explained.



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