‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is released in December because people are afraid that he is stale if more delay


Warner Bros. brings Wonder Woman 1984 out in December. Many had expected the release to take place in 2021, but it was confirmed last Wednesday that the film will be released from Patty Jenkins comes out around Christmas. Both in the cinema and on streaming service HBO Max.

Variety now explains why that is the case. Within the film studio it was feared that the film would be stale if it were released much later. The release was of course also considerably delayed, so it is understandable that people fear that Wonder Woman 1984 what from is around release.

Postponed more often
Warner initially announced that the film would be released in theaters in November 2019. That was not achieved, after which the film was postponed to the summer of 2020. But the June 2020 release turned out to be quite hopeless due to the corona virus, after which it was moved to mid-August. That was not achieved either, because the release was then set in October. Last September, the release was only on its final date: December 25th.

The fact that the film will also be released online is one way for WarnerMedia to expand its new streaming service, HBO Max, and attract more people.

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