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Sosok.ID – When talking about the love affair of Luna Maya and Ariel Noah indeed seems to be endless.

Because the love story of Luna Maya and Ariel Noah so made an impression in the hearts of the public.

Even though they have been separated for a long time, there are still those who expect a love affair between Luna Maya and Ariel Noah to burn again.

Moreover, now Luna Maya and Ariel Noah are both enjoying solitude.

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Yes, who can forget the intricate romance of Luna Maya with Ariel NOAH?

Although their love affair had broken up, Luna Maya and Ariel Noah have a love story that cannot be forgotten by the public.

Moreover, Ariel Noah at that time his name was soaring as the single most targeted womenfolk throughout Indonesia.

Having a handsome face and sweet voice, Ariel Noah has an irrefutable charm in the eyes of the womenfolk of the country.

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Nahas, around 2010, Ariel Noah and Luna Maya were even involved in a hot video case that was horrendous to the public.

As a result of this case, Luna Maya’s career in the entertainment world suddenly collapsed.

Fate is no less painful also felt by Ariel Noah who had to make amends by languishing in prison.

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This ordeal did not in fact fade Luna Maya’s love for Ariel Noah.

Unfortunately, instead of being brought to the altar, these two lovebirds actually surprised many by announcing their separation.

Although the two have separated, the shadows of Luna Maya do not easily disappear from Ariel Noah’s memory.

In fact, Ariel Noah had created a song inspired by the figure of the former.

The story behind the making of the song was also revealed by Luna Maya to the public.

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Reported Sosok.ID from the YouTube channel Ayu Ayu uploaded on June 19, 2019, Luna Maya said that the song was titled ‘Dara’.

The song was reportedly created by Ariel Noah for the former when he was still serving time in prison.

Previously, the song titled ‘Dara’ had the original title ‘Maya’.

But for whatever incident, the title of this song was changed to ‘Dara’.

Luna Maya’s confession about this song also had the chance to make her best friend, Ayu Dewi, startled.

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The reason is, when this song was circulating in the market, no one thought that Ariel Noah created this song for the figure of his former lover.

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“Do you know the old version? The title is ‘Maya’,” said Luna Maya when the song titled ‘Dara’ was playing.

While joking, Luna Maya agreed that the song was actually created by Ariel Noah for herself.

“Hasn’t a song been created before? Eyke, have you, Mom,” joked Luna Maya.

“Is this really (Dara’s) song?” Ayu Ayu asked as if she did not believe.

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Luna Maya again agreed with her friend’s question.

Furthermore, Luna Maya implicitly explained that the song was created when she and Ariel Noah were in the saturated and tired stage.

“Did you get tired that time?”

“Tired. Really tired, Mom,” Luna Maya answered simply.

Through this song, Luna Maya explained that whatever had happened between herself and Ariel Noah, it was already in the past.

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Luna Maya just wants to establish a good relationship with her ex-boyfriend without having to be enemy.

“No, this is it, I hope we can have a good relationship, because we are getting older what are the enemies.

We are getting old we want to have lots of friends. Not that it means breaking ties or friendship. It’s just he’s happy with his life with his new partner, not wanting to tease but it’s also nice if we can have a good relationship.

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I basically don’t like enemies, “concluded Luna Maya.

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